Team Building

Flip that work slump around with our surefire team building exercise developed to beef up work associations and boost morale around the office. Furthermore, our program is devised to encourage staff members to set more desirable goals for themselves and to build long lasting interpersonal partnerships among their co-workers. Our course learns from the missteps of other contemporary, ineffective team building exercises. Our unique adventure of proficiently flying a hot air balloon transposes into productivity by having each individual actively taking part in team oriented tasks.


Participants will go through a pre-flight assembly before progressing onto the beginning of the process, including being allocated into small teams of 2 or 4. Our extensively trained pilots will advise the team collectively on weather conditions, location and how to operate the balloon. Teams may then be asked to use a map to approximate a touchdown spot based upon the criteria given to them before.

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An experienced pilot will serve as the master of each flight to aid each smaller sized group with efficient control of the aircraft. The pilot will help each group with the inflation of the balloon as well as all other essential checks to ensure the absolute capability of the flight. Inflation of the balloon generally takes no more than fifteen minutes. Now we release the balloon!


Our captain will utilize team building techniques to instruct the group on the operation of the balloon, and how weather associated factors determine the precise altitude to fly at. Based upon their navigating capabilities with the map and the information given throughout preflight, the group should also have the ability to tell the pilot how elevated to fly and precisely where to go in order to reach their destination for touchdown.


Their flight will conclude with an effective touchdown on their pre-selected landing spot to complete their team building, one hour hot air balloon flight. Assuming their inevitable successful landing, every group, with the aid of the pilot and his ground crew will anchor and pack up the balloon. Every one of the ballooning team's, aviators and landing crew will take part in the customary Champagne salutes. During this time each group member will have the opportunity to discuss amongst themselves their experience with hot air ballooning.

Team Building

Team Building exercises are designed to promote better working relations between co-workers, establish or define roles in the workplace and motivate people to collaborate with one another to find resolutions to dilemmas. We believe the process of preparing for and partaking in a hot air balloon journey that ends in a successful touchdown is an excellent opportunity for employees to implement all the fundamentals meant to be reinforced in the course of team building. However, let's never fail to remember the charm and tranquility that ballooning provides and how experiencing such sensation in the presence of our co-workers is a strengthening experience in and of itself.

Team Building Trips can be customized to meet your corporate needs, give us a call at 501-712-4824 to reserve yours today!

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