Exclusive Flights

Show your husband/wife just how one-of-a-kind and dear they are by surprising them with a one of a kind gift of a private Hot Air Balloon ride. The experience of floating on air is the perfect setting to enjoy one another in the intimate setting of a private flight. You can both delight in the peacefulness of the flight, as well as the extraordinary views of the landscape it affords. And because balloon flights are commonly known for being quiet, you can give one another your undivided attention without disturbance, to fall in love all over again. You can choose to celebrate with this private balloon ride or bring along family or friends to partake in your special occasion.

You may prefer to propose with an idyllic Hot Air Balloon Ride at dawn when the Earth has it's first taste of golden rays flooding the scenery beneath you and illuminating your beloved's face or sunset when the sky catches fire. Regardless if you elect to propose on the ground with the hot air balloon's vibrant colors behind your loved one or high among the clouds, we can assist you to arrange an unique engagement.

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